Baby parts

So I did some looking around to see why and to whom planned parenthood sells baby parts. Most go into cosmetic skin care. Ya. Collegen rich antiwrinkle cremes. Murder the babies, dismember them and sell to the highest bidder so egocentric people can look 35 when they’re pushing 50. Very little goes to legitimate research, DNA or stemcell.

Then there are the transgenders who need colossal estrogen shots to annul male hormones, feminizing male features.

I heard there was a female surgery called “adadictomy” which does pretty much what it says. After much male hormone therapy, the surgeon fashions a penis (from what muscle I don’t know) and grafts that to the modified female body. Don’t know how that works for them either.

Statistically, most who opt for sex change or gender modification procedures, end up asexual. They are dysfunctional showpieces of genetically modified meat.

Now Ontario schooboard’s sex education agenda includes six gender options for chi


Hello world! I started this blog because I’m a 67 year old woman who has some grave or some not so grave concerns about some current events. I will say off the hop that I am a christian, so if you have objections to that state of being, this will not interest you. If on the other hand you have reasonable questions concerning my relationship to my saviour God, I will endearour to give reasonable explanations. I believe that Jesus Christ is the God presence now. Some of my concerns are: abortion, the sexualization of children, the recognition of paedophiles as a minority who are not degenerate but are “juvenile attracted.” Top psychologists phraseology, not mine. These are some but not all of what this blog is about. Of course I will be sharing from the biblical stance, and not on what is politically correct. Thanks

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